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The BBC presenter story was fake news to bury real news.

Jul 13, 2023

Right so the story of the BBC presenter and the allegations of grooming basically, of offering a teenager £35,000 for explicit pictures has dominated the news this week and that is exactly what it was intended to do, however the fallout from that means this story does still matter and should still be talked about because of the damage it has done and it serves as a warning as if we needed another that Rupert Murdoch and his media outlets are amongst the most malign societal influences going. He has in my opinion committed the mother of all libels in order to once again, shape political discourse and conversation. His rags are not fit to line a cat litter tray let alone pass for anything that can remotely be considered news and the worst of his outlets is undoubtedly the one once again responsible, the Sn, aptly named because nobody should ever look directly at it, but nicknamed the Scum, because frankly it’s just a more accurate name for it. We now know the BBC presenter in question is Huw Edwards. The allegations go back to last May, it was reported by the festering Scum that Edwards had paid a young person for the aforementioned pictures implying that the person was at that time aged 17, making it a serious offence. Never mind that Murdoch’s filth had been publishing topless pictures of 16 year olds in the past, this was here and now and a BBC news presenter was involved. Except there was no case to hear. What Edwards chooses to do in his private life is up to him, especially when actually there was no criminality involved. In fact the Friday before the Scum published this story, the family of the young person in question denied the entire confected story, asked for it to be pulled and yet the Scum published it anyway, amid claims of evidence of criminal activity and did so without including the victims right to respond which by law they are required to do, but of course couldn’t because they knew what they were publishing was a pack of lies. Cue the BBC suspending Edwards pending their own internal investigation, understandable given what the Scum had printed, which got dropped after the Met Police themselves dropped the case, due to no criminal activity whatsoever having taken place. Lawyers representing the young person issued a statement saying nothing inappropriate or unlawful has taken place between our client and the BBC personality and the allegations reported in the Sn newspaper are rubbish. It doesn’t matter what you or I might think of what went on here, the Scum put the germ of a lie in our heads and the rest of the media fell over themselves running with it, exactly what Murdoch wanted. Boris Johnson, despite having until 4pm on Monday to hand over his WhatsApps still hasn’t done so, in violation of a high court order. The BBC itself took 2 days after that date to finally get around to reporting this themselves. They’ve gifted Murdoch another win as the BBC makes itself look like mugs in its reporting, only benefitting Murdoch’s hateful Talk TV tripe news channel. Public Service broadcaster once more failing to inform us, too concerned about its own image to dare talk about anything else it would seem. The privileges committee report has been approved that stated that Boris Johnson allies tried to undermine the PartyGate report came out and got voted through parliament on Monday, again this got buried under all the speculation at the BBC. It all came right after all of the fuss about some confetti being thrown at George Osborne which distracted from a certain email full of noxious allegations about him, but we’ve heard nothing about that being investigated at all and of course any continued conversation about that got killed off by the BBC presenter story as well. A lot of important news stories killed off the news agenda by a story that was completely confected. Job done by the Scum. Mission accomplished. But it’s the damage they leave behind. Huw Edwards has battled with severe depression for years. He’s now been hospitalised over it. Does Murdoch care? Why would he? Look at all the other cap he's got away with? Hillsborough, decades of fallout from that, his hated Scum rag not welcome in Liverpool and frankly shouldn’t be welcomed anywhere, that incident should have killed that rag off stone dead in the 1980’s, so much the pity the families of the 97 still await justice over that. Murdoch famously lost one of his papers, the News of the World in more recent years, the fall out over phone hacking, not least the phone of murdered schoolgirl Millie Dowler, but a large number of celebrities and other assorted people as well. But it can’t be ignored either that this hateful poisonous outlet gets off on personal attacks, favoured other victims are Harry and Meghan – a complaint against the Sn made to the regulator just a fortnight ago relating to them was upheld against the rag -  but also ordinary people too, those with mental health issues have been targeted before, with a nonsense claim back in 2013, that 1200 people have been killed by people with mental health issues, so will they paint Edwards as someone out for blood next? If it means burying another story to protect a leading Tory, like Boris Johnson or George Osborne who would put it past them? So now the conversation has turned as to what will be done about this paper, because my God the celebrations across the country will be palpable if the Scum gets taken down over this. By targeting someone as vulnerable as Huw Edwards evidently is, perhaps he thinks that won’t happen? Given how much Murdoch has got away with before, never ever seeming to get his just desserts, he probably thinks he’ll get away with it again. Even if it does though, does he care? You see as pernicious and malign an influence on British news as the Scum is, Murdoch has been writing it off as a loss making venture for years, as a worthless asset, he just keeps it going because it influences people, it’s a propaganda tool basically and it means those in politics who would still curry his favour, will still appear in it and write for it, won’t they Keir Starmer. Look out for his next article of desperate ‘please like me Rupert’ dogma. Murdoch literally put the Scum’s value at zero back in 2021, yet two years on it is still going. It can’t die fast enough, even if it doesn’t hurt Murdoch much financially, but it would weaken him influentially and his influence seriously needs to go. He’s had far too much of it for far too long. That said, even if legal action doesn’t materialise, that doesn’t mean the government should sit and let this unfold. Again the calls for the findings of the Leveson Inquiry to be implemented to bring our media under greater levels of oversight should be growing louder right now. Instead, the likes of Murdoch and all the other billionaire owned press baron papers are still marking their own homework still regulated as they are by IPSO, which simply doesn’t go far enough. The best media out there signed themselves up to Leveson levels of regulatory oversight at IMPRESS, but you won’t find a single mainstream outlet there.

The Scum has a history of misogyny, of racism, sexism, of victimisation, of homophobia, of incitement of hatred to keep us in our place and distracted from the real causes of misery in our every day lives. So do yourselves a favour now that the filth has exposed how rancid it is once more and just stop buying it. I wish Huw Edwards a speedy recovery. Thanks for watching, I hope you founds this video useful, please do like, share and subscribe to the channel if you did and would like to see more. Meanwhile here’s a video recommendation for you, where Confettigate did for George Osborne what throwing Huw Edwards under a bus has done for Boris Johnson and I’ll hopefully catch you on the next vid. Cheers folks.

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