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Under Blairite Anas Sarwar, it very much appears to be Vote Labour, Get Tory.

May 30, 2022

Scottish Labour have done a deal with the Tories to wrest Edinburgh City Council amongst others off the SNP. Vote Labour to get the Tories out, if you don’t vote Labour you’re helping the Tories. The centrist mantra, they repeat it in collective reverence of Sir Beige Starmer and his shadow cabinet of nothingness and they had the nerve to call us on the left a cult. It was only 12 years ago, these same centrists, people without a political position on anything, the compromisers opposed to any change that might upset their white bread worlds, their cosy quinoa munching little bubbles, were telling us to back the lib dems, that the two main parties were both the same, that the party of neither left nor right, but something in between, the party of watering down other party positions to save having any of their own was the one to back, only for them to return the Tories to power and we haven’t been able to shake them since. These days, although the Lib Dems show signs of recovery, punished as they were for betraying their base, the centrists champion is now Keir Starmer, now the risk of meaningful change which terrified them beyond belief has gone away. Surely the same mistake can’t be made again? Sadly not. We might be back to two parties barely differing from each other in England, but in Scotland, Anas Sarwar, the Scottish Labour leader, has gone even further and gone full Nick Clegg. In order to take control of Edinburgh Council, Sarwar has entered into a pact with the Tories, in order to keep out the SNP. The thing is, in the local elections just a few weeks ago, Sarwar promised there would be no pacts, no stitch ups, no deals with other parties, yet that is exactly what he’s done. Just like Keir Starmer, Anas Sarwar’s word is worthless, but of all the parties to do a deal with, the Tories must surely be the most unforgivable. Labour lost Scotland, lost swathes of seats to the SNP in the 2015 General Election after Ed Miliband stupidly shared a platform with the Tories presenting a united front against Scottish Independence in 2014, as well as saying on Question Time that he would have rather let the Tories rule than help the SNP. Labour have never recovered there as a result. The idiot faction on the right of the Labour party still think carrying on as before will somehow change things for them, yet despite having lost almost all their MP’s in Scotland, Labour amazingly appear to be managing to make themselves even less electable there than ever before. Appearing on a platform with the Tories is one thing, forming a ruling body on a council with them, running a city hand in glove with them after denying they would ever do so with anyone, is simply sending one message to Scotland now – no matter what they say, if you vote Labour, you’ll get Tory.

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