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Hello! Thank you so much for supporting our little youtube channel! We love you all!
Mary Jane Miller
Mary Jane Miller bought 5 coffees.

Love the channel and FB page! Jeep up the great work!

Hi Mary!!! Thank you so much for your support!!

Susan Williams
Susan Williams bought a coffee.

Love the sister love and laughs!

Thank you Susan! we appreciate you!

Mel bought 5 coffees.

Just found your videos and really appreciate your realness, honesty + your dynamic as sisters! Keep it up!

Hi! Thanks soo much for your support! We really appreciate it! 

Someone bought 2 coffees.

l love the fact yall make stuff first time and mess up !! Thats the real deal !! thats how it really goes !! love yall and have learned alot !!! Beth in Oklahoma

Awww thank you so much Beth! We appreciate you so much!  We mess up a lot, but are trying to have fun along the way! 

Dawn bought a coffee.

I appreciate, SO much, the honesty that you two give in your videos-THANK Y'ALL!!

Hi Dawn!! Thank you soo much!! :) We appreciate YOUR support!! 

You're MOST welcome!