The Rain Came Down!

The Rain Came Down!

Oct 02, 2021

I didn't expect the Creek to rise so much overnight. Yesterday morning, I didn't think I'd need to consider a ‘what if’ scenario around a flooded road. This is a reminder about how quickly emergencies could arise from unexpected events. The question is how vulnerable are we really?

The storm that moved through our region over the last couple of days dumped a lot of rain, but we didn't give it too much attention. The rain is good for the garden, right? However, here at The Korner there's only one road in and one road out. If this road is flooded, we will have to activate our prepper plans.

So with water over the road but not enough to prevent us from getting through, it made us stop and think. Looking in our pantry, we realised our vulnerability. There was no chocolate, no ice cream and we were running low on coffee! What if the road was well and truly closed! It was then we realised that we needed to revisit our preparedness/survival plans to include more of the essential items.

A couple of years back, we had an opportunity to test our preparedness/survival plans as our township was struggling in drought and bushfires threatened the entire state. We had done a lot of hazard reduction around our property as a hot summer was forecast, but we recognised our limitations. There was a lack of water across the region and we had only minimal firefighting equipment along with our limited physical capacity. Our forward planning and deliberate actions gave us a confidence to be well placed to manage the worst-case scenario, which included having our little caravan fully stocked and ready. On those days of extreme fire danger, the caravan was hooked up to the car with a full tank of fuel and we were prepared. This was an anxious time!

Today is a reminder that we should regularly check our preparedness for the unexpected events. Here at KettleKorner.Oz we have plans and ideas in place to ensure that we can be self-sufficient if something happens. Over the next weeks and months we hope to share with you some of those thoughts.

Chat soon,

Ma Kettle

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