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CDT update from Twin Lakes, CO

Jun 28, 2022

I am currently in Twin Lakes, CO. The picture above is of the Twins. I wanted to give a quick insider update to those who have supported me here on Buy Me a Coffee.

The hike is going well! We have had a lot of challenging rain (cold, windy, haily, long-lasting), but that’s OK. I had some gear malfunctions and had to duck into Salida to replace an air mattress and my shirt. When I publish those journal entries you can read about that - there are a number of amusing sub-threads there, including one where I was shooed away from a Walmart for being too “hoboey.”

I will update my blog when I get to my next stop, which is Breckenridge. That’s about 3.5 days from Twin Lakes. I just stopped here to resupply at the General Store and eat. I actually kind of feel like barfing after all the food I ate…. There isn’t much in Twin Lakes, which makes it easy to leave.

If I had more signal on trail I could upload posts from my tent at night, but for right now I don’t, so will continue to batch them when I stay in towns. Still getting a lot of great video footage as well! The rain has made that more challenging, but there is plenty of beauty in Colorado even if I don’t shoot for a day or two.

That’s it for the short update. Thanks again to everyone for your generous support! It means a lot to me :-).

—Hungry Cat

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