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Howdy πŸ‘‹ I'm Kevin

I'm using slow-motion video to capture hummingbirds feeding and hanging out around my place in Palm Desert, Ca. I also have a number of flower cactus plants I shoot time-lapse video of by taking 10k+ still photos per day (at least with the cactus flowers that's the rate, it will hopefully go up as I shoot other plants! with your help of course).Β  I shoot the photos in a RAW format so they are all very good quality and large prints can be made of any individual frame. I currently only own two cameras (well 3 if you count my phone) so I'm able to get decent coverage of one plant. I'm using a Sony a6500 and a 10-year-old Canon 5D Mark II that is still going! The Sony a6500 can shoot 120 FPS (frames per second) video so when I play it back at 24 FPS its pretty decent slow motion at 1080P resolution. If I can add more cameras I can get more footage of the hummingbirds and not miss out on what the plants are doing. That and storage costs are the two biggest expenses that result from doing this kind of work.

Another subject I really enjoy shooting is at night, long exposures of whatever is around. I kinda think of it as a treasure hunt. I take a panoramic tripod head out with me and create very high-resolution long exposure high dynamic range panorama photos. The really unique thing about this technique is the field of view that is created with the sensor and lens combination as well as the exact unique vantage point where I take the photo from and the grid of images I use to compose the panorama is truly unique. Even if someone were to stand in exactly the same spot with the same gear they would create a slightly different composition. This lends a dream-like quality to the photos as they give a field of view where you really feel like you are in the scene.Β 

Obviously camera equipment isn't free so if you'd like to see cooler videos and photos from me, help me get it done! But don't feel bad if you can't afford to (or don't want to) another way you can support me is to share this page with someone you know. It won't cost you anything, and who doesn't like slow motion and time-lapse, they'll probably even say thanks

But sincerely, any support you give is most appreciated.

If you are looking for a new shower curtain or some prints for your walls there are some links below. Full disclosure: No hummingbird prints available yet.Β 

Thanks for coming by and thanks for being you.