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Hi I'm Kevin, a photographer and time lapse filmmaker based in Wyoming. My passion is to find and capture moments of awe. That may be the northern lights dancing across the sky, a powerful supercell spinning through the prairie, or alpenglow painting a wilderness mountaintop. My goal is for each short film I create to be better than the last.

Check out some of my past film projects here: Time Lapse Films

I made this page because time lapse photography is not cheap, and rarely pays for itself.

Some of the costs involved include:

-Photography gear. 50,000 shutter clicks a year in harsh conditions means gear tends to wear out and needs replacing.
-Computer hardware. 4K videos require a lot of processing power and multiple hard drives for backup.
-Editing software. To continue improving my craft I need to upgrade to better software.
-Music licensing. Soundtracks are a big part of any film, and musicians deserve to be paid for their work.
-Travel. The best storms or auroras rarely come to me, so I have to go to them.

Any donations will be used to fund future projects and hopefully allow me to finish them in a more timely manner. In the next year I would like to release sequels to "Upslope Flow," and "Bighorn Mountains: A Time Lapse Journey." If you enjoy my work I would appreciate any cups of coffee you may feel like contributing.

Thank you