New Time Lapse Film: Pulse of the Night

New Time Lapse Film: Pulse of the Night

Feb 24, 2024

Even though it's been a couple years since I've released a film, I've been busy capturing hundreds of time lapse sequences. These past 3 years have produced incredible aurora displays as the sun nears solar maximum. About 20,000 images, approximately 28 hours of footage were condensed into this 14 minute movie.

I'm excited to finish my newest film:

Pulse of the Night

No two nights are ever the same. When solar activity is high, the aurora borealis fills the sky with a rainbow of colors. Glimmering, flickering, pulses of light dance between meteors and satellites among a backdrop of thousands of stars. Over prairies and oceans, lakes and mountains, the night sky comes alive. This time lapse film is a 3-year effort to capture the northern lights over Wyoming, Montana, Greenland, and beyond.

If you enjoyed this film, I would appreciate any support. Projects like this are not cheap to make. Even though I try to save money by camping as much as possible, costs still add up.

Some of the expenses include:

  • Camera equipment (and inevitable repairs)

  • Fuel and car maintenance

  • Airfare and lodging in the Arctic

  • Hard drives

  • Editing software

  • Video hosting

  • Music licensing

  • And of course, many cups of coffee

Though I recoup some of the costs by licensing videos, sales are often minimal. I appreciate any support and will use it for future film projects. My next one will likely be about storms since I'll soon be sitting on 3 years of unreleased footage.

If you know anyone looking to license time lapse footage, please send them my way:

To learn how to see the aurora for yourself, check out my other website:

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