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I could help you accelerate your innovative ideas for a cup of coffee.

I am a Product Designer with 7+ years of professional experience. My passion is solving problems through design thinking and ultimately design solution that makes users happier.

My entrepreneur journey begins early when I’m still a senior student of HCM University of Science. Being an entrepreneur is something that I’m interested in doing.

I’m building my first company CloudJay Pte. Ltd. with my great teammates. As a UX/UI Designer co-founder, I do all the works that need to keep our products easy to use, nice and clean.

I'm now VP of Design at Dwarves Design, we are designers from a variety of backgrounds as business, design, and technology, sharing the same interest in learning new technology and researching people's behaviors, as well as helping young and innovative business to solve humanity's problems. At Dwarves Design, we accelerate your ideas for a cup of coffee.