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Hi! I'm Kyle. I'm the creator and owner of a nifty little website called I also enjoy creating other websites and applications that I feel will be useful to people. I like to keep my websites and applications ad-free, so if you feel like supporting what I do, feel free to buy me a coffee.

Current Projects:

  • WebP Converter
Ash bought 5 coffees.

coffee kinda stinky but if it helps you stay affloat, so be it. enjoy 😄

Haha :) I appreciate your support! <3

Someone bought a coffee.

I appreciate your support!!! <3

Rodney bought 7 coffees.

This is by far the best site to find new dubbed anime to watch and to see where a show is streamable, thanks for creating it!

Thank you so much! <3 I appreciate it.

Eugene bought a coffee.

Thanks mate for the website and your honesty

Thank you so much! <3

Legend of Reality
Legend of Reality bought 10 coffees.

Love the anime list generator! I haven't had trouble finding good shows for a while now (and as a binge watcher that's impressive!) thanks to your hard work!

Holy cow!!! Thanks so much!! <3 I appreciate the support and kind words.