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I have a podcast over at where I start discussions about making progress towards goals that matter through self-development. I feel that as dreamers, we owe it to ourselves to keep the discussions active around topics that could help us get closer to our goals.

But I also code and develop games. And if you would like to know what that's like or are interested in making games yourself, head over to the Games Section or Code Section of my site.

Ever since I was a kid, I have been drawing. I later transitioned into digital. It is something I have always loved doing during my spare time. If you are interested in art, head over to the Art Section of my site.

I have been producing music electronically since 2003. If you are into that or are just curious what kinda of musical experiments I do, visit my Music Section.

My goal is to provide content that helps, educates, and entertains you. Thank you for buying me a cup of coffee. It really does help in keeping things going.