Buy KifoPL a beer


Hey! You there! I see you using my bot for free. That's perfectly fine and I'm forever grateful for your support. Let's become friends, shall we?

How about a mutual agreement: buy me a beer, and I'll set up a custom prefix for my awesome bot just for you! That's right, for a small price of a jug of beer you can have a totally awesome prefix for your server.

I know, it sounds lame that an open-source bot suddenly has a paywall. Don't worry, just hear me out: electricity, time, college (where I gain coding knowledge) costs, and giving all of that for free in a form of a perfectly working bot is a hard thing. And trust me, all of the commands will always be available for free! Simply if you want it to be even cooler, you might want to consider having a custom prefix :).

Supporters can also see some cool in-dev posts regarding future of the bot, etc.

Note: If you want me to assign you a custom prefix for your server, please reach out to me (links at the bottom), and in the donation message include some info that allows me to confirm that you in fact sponsored my evening (like your e-mail or discord ID).

By the way, did you know that my entire life doesn't revolve around this bot? That's right, I do lot's of cool stuff! I'm an admin on this totally awesome The Galactic Republic Discord. Apart from that, I'm also an artist who draws / animates a bit. Check out my portfolio.

Kifo Clanker™ repo on GitHub.


Discord Support Server.

Mail: [email protected]

Discord: @KifoPL#3358, ID: 289119054130839552