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Demo Update & Early Access News

Sep 07, 2022

Hey everyone! So, I, uh, obviously missed that "Summer release" deadline I was aiming for, but I still have lots of exciting news!

First of all, I overhauled the game's branding. We now have a new logo and title illustration:

I always felt like Vanatris should've been more prominently represented, and now they are! On top of that, the new logo is hopefully more legible and no longer uses a copyrighted font I never was allowed to use in the first place.

Next, I updated the game's demo with new graphics. It's significantly shorter now, only containing the first escape room and Team Lust's introduction, but that was necessary to make it easier to maintain in the long run. (And it also makes the term "demo" more appropriate.)

The demo still contains new content that might be interesting for old fans though, since all scenes were heavily edited. On top of that, it introduces a new gimmick that you've never seen before: The DAs!

Those smart devices add cohesion to the various in-game features (such as the profile menu or map) and are also highly plot-relevant. But I'll leave it up to you to discover!

Last but not least, while the full early access launch is not ready yet, I've worked out a compromise for those who are curious to see more. Currently, the first 3 hours of the game are polished, ready to play, and full of new dialogue, gameplay, and twists!

Compared to the previous, extended demo, it finally reveals the murderer from the cells, adds a new day, and introduces the longest, most complex escape room yet. Insider (Tier 3) supporters can play it right now, and I would be very happy to hear your feedback!

(Also, did I mention that all characters are getting plastic surgery? I'm not quite done with all of them, but here are Vanatris.)

I kind of have to write my thesis this semester, so the early access launch will still take some time, but my goal is to release it by the end of this year. (I know, I know, we'll see if I actually manage to do that, but I really am trying my best!)

Thank you for your continued patience, and I hope you'll enjoy the new stuff!

TL;DR: I'm really sorry about the delay, but the early access version isn't ready yet. Nonetheless, the demo has been updated (but shortened) and Insider supporters can play the first 3 hours of the game.

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