Oh, buddy, I'm squeaking in at the end, aren't I? It's been way over a month, and I'll admit I had forgotten I meant to come back for an update.


Well, once I remembered I put it firmly on my to-do list... for the next day. And THEN, someone bought me a coffee here. Thanks, Roxanne! ;)

Now I'm really fired up to make a good update!


That month went by so fast! I wrote a few cheating pieces and decided that's not really the thing for me. Worked on a bunch of vanilla stuff, which I like but I'm not sure people look for as much.

I did start writing my Witch Forest stories... but that didn't last long. There's lot less motivation there, because nobody's reading it yet. So I left two chapters on Patreon and SubscribeStar and turned back to focus on Medium. I stopped promoting them, too, because suddenly I got overwhelmed by my own expectations of myself and decided early February it was best to solidify the habit of writing daily where I'm most motivated by engagement (Medium).


I wrote SO much at the beginning of the month. Finished the orgy story, wrote several hotwife stories- got accepted as a writer for Bella Cooper Books, which was really nice. Things seemed to be looking up, and I was really in the zone!

Also joined up with Reciprocal, a non-erotic publication that's all about writers helping writers. I'm ashamed to say I've fallen out of the habit of reading stories on there. Haven't written anything highlighting anyone's work lately, either.

Things... happened. I lost my mojo, as it were. Started questioning my life choices and assumed I was dealing with erotica burnout. I've kept buggering on, but found myself in pretty low spirits.

I barely felt happy at all getting accepted into the My Erotica publication! They haven't published my story yet, so I'll cut myself some slack with that. But they're pretty huge. Like, 22K followers huge. I should be a lot more excited than I am.

But, well, today's story will explain why, I think. I'm sure I'll feel better soon. It's just been a chemically low couple of weeks.

What's In Store

So far, the plan is pretty much the same. I've got some ideas on the horizon, but until my mojo returns, I'm basically just pushing rope. So don't be surprised if I shy away from erotica a bit and pump out more thoughtful pieces to while away the time.

Don't worry, though, it's not permanent.

When my mojo comes back, I'm hoping to continue the Purgatory U: Earth Side saga and turn that into a magnet book to help bring in new readers. And my Witch Forest story will make a great Vella novel on Amazon- serialized erotica.

So that's the last month and a half in a nutshell!

Since it's so late in February, I'm going to wait until the end of March for the next one. Marking my calendar this time, I promise!

If you're looking for more of my stories (besides the ones highlighted here), check out my newsletter on Substack. You can view my previous Substack posts, which have links to every story I've written on Medium thus far!

I really appreciate your support!

~Kiki Lu Johnson

Your local medium "succubi-in-training"