Hi! I'm Kiki Lu Johnson and I write erotic fiction as well as articles about writing (with a focus on dispelling the stigma of erotica writers). Thanks for checking out my buymeacoffee page!

Right now, this is my donation space. If you feel inclined to show support but don't want to commit to any of the other venues, buy me a tea! Not sure if I'll turn this into exclusive content or not (apparently that's possible). For now, exclusive content is reserved for Patreon. But things change, so I won't rule it out for the future.

Today I'll be posting monthly updates on how things are going and growing with Kiki Lu. As the first post, here's where things stand at this current snapshot in time:

~Posting daily on Medium

~Got my website up and looking pretty good

~Set up a newsletter

~Asked my first question on Kiki Lu's Quora Space

~Waiting on Patreon to approve launch

(I'll edit any links as things progress!)

That's where things are at! In about a month we'll see how things have changed!

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Thanks so much for your support!

~Kiki Lu Johnson

Your local medium "succubi-in-training"