Good day there 💜

First , I'll like to thank everyone who has taken out fo their little things to help me out , you're appreciated.

However, I'm also here to explain some confused situation about the membership and supports.

The situation at my hand has gotten worse but getting better at the same time with the little help from you guys , but it's a long way to go.

I won't be publishing on Wattpad as I had explained before , so do join membership or support here to have access to some ongoing stories.

How to join membership:

When you click the link that lead you to my account, the names of stories and the amount of the membership will be automatically display for you.

And you can pick any of your favorite ongoing stories of mine to join.

And also , Golden premium is a membership where you'll have access to all my ongoing stories with just the amount of $27.

However if you pay for one year , you'll have two months discount which mean you'll only pay for ten months as a year.

With Gold premium, you'll also have access to two oneshots twice in a month and also early access to any new stories.

There are also extras where you can claim a complete book of mine or requested for any Oneshots of your choice.

Or you can be a supporter by buying me coffee as many you wishes.

No amount is little to help out the current situation I've found myself.

Do please help if you can💜