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🎼 Singer, songwriter, scribbler. 📝I'm writing songs and recording a vanity project called Saturn Returns. 🎹🗣💗💫

Hello world, my name is Kim. I'm a singer-songwriter-scribbler originally from Canada, now in Pittsburgh, PA. By day, I work on songs to pitch to publishers and recording artists. By night, I entertain drunk people with pop songs. Somewhere in between, I write about music, love, letting go, and my quest for immortality.

I'm currently recording a collection of songs for a vanity project called Saturn Returns. It's a labor of love, requiring many lonely hours and much coffee. There aren't enough words for how much I appreciate your generosity and support, but maybe I can do it in song.

You can get to know me better and hear some of my work at You'll also find me writing poems on Twitter, practicing instruments on Instagram, and streaming mini concerts on YouNow. I love connecting with creative people of all kinds, so say hello! Let's make something together.  KM