Buy kinfolktravels a meal for an animal



Hey there fellow animal lover! 

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While travelling the world as a digital nomad I've come to realise how many stray animals are in serious need of food and urgent medical care.

From the ancient streets of Turkey to the coastline of Montenegro and the plains of South Africa; dogs and cats fill the streets scavenging for a meal. Your heart sink when you see their gaping wounds from a fight the night before for food and shelter due to overpopulation of stray animals without help. 

I would love to help every precious wagging tail I meet but unfortunately I  am only one person and my means only stretch that far. 

But a small donation from a few more people can make a literal life or death difference in the life's of the stray animals of the world. 


For the price of one take-away coffee you can buy a meal for a stray animal and I will distribute it to the fluffy friends in the country I find myself in.


If you don't mind one less take-away coffee on a regular basis you can sign up for one of the membership options and support a stray on a regular basis all over the world.


If you deeply care about a specific issues such as sterilisations, vaccinations and building shelters head over to the "extras" section to support a specific cause. As much as I love a kitten or a puppy it breaks my heart when I deep down know the hard future that lies ahead for them on the streets as the competition for food and shelter gets more with every new born.

Ultimate Goal:

The ultimate goal is to gain enough support to set-up self sustaining feeding and health schemes that is ran by the people in the community where the stray animals need it most.


The animals you are helping on here, Instagram and Youtube.

Thank you so much for helping the stray animals from around the world, your assistance is helping at least one less dog or cat go hungry tonight.