The first place we travelled to where my heart was really broken for the hardships of the stray animals was in Antalya Turkey. There is something wonderful about being a free roaming animal on this beautiful planet but there is something very devastating when there is not enough resources in these areas for the animals and becoming a injured and starving free roaming animal is not that appealing anymore.

This is not saying that there shouldn't be animals roaming freely, merely that we should increase the resources available in these areas and ensure the competition for resources does not increase with overpopulation of stray animals in specific areas.

Not one or two cats, but literally 15+ cats will start following you the moment you leave your apartment. Their meows are really one's of desperation as they have to compete with so many others for food and this is the first time I saw multiple cats with serious gaping wounds that don't get treated. In the middle of the day and in the middle of the night you will hear the cats meowing at your window for anything to eat. Some are so tiny and have serious growth and development problems due to not getting food, not even speaking about nutritious food.

With the price of a take away coffee you can help on a once off basis or on a monthly basis to support the stray animals by buying a them a meal or other assistance.

You don't even need to open an account on this platform to make a donation and can use various payment methods including Apple Pay!!

You can view some more information on the stray cats in Antalya in this video about our travels there.