A few months ago we were in Antalya Turkey. What an amazing place, but somedays it was a bit hard to enjoy when you see all the animals suffering around you.

Whenever I walked out of our AirBnB cats came running up to you meowing, a type of meow I've never heard before. It was really a meow of desperation. Somedays while we were sitting inside working you'd hear intense meowing outside the window and when you go to look there were 3-5 cats sitting at your window begging for a meal.

But the worst part was the injured cats. Cats with gaping wounds, cats who can't meow (they open their mouths to meow but nothing comes out) and cat's who can barely see through their eyes due to infections. Some really just want love and and a few scratches.

I was very excited to come back to Turkey, one of my Top 3 favourite countries. But I knew it was not going to be easy witnessing animals suffering everywhere and that was the whole reason I started this campaign. It's easy to say "oh it is's hard out there," "there are so many animals suffering, I wish I could do more." So I thought if I can't do more financially, I can only feed a certain amount of cats a day, if a few more people also make a small contribution we can make a difference in the life's of a few more cats.

Thank you for the support thus far. <3