GENDERFUCK |my body, my canvas|

Model: St.Fox Photographer: @miss_hepburn
HMA: @charlixpro

 "In a world that continually influences our understanding of gender expression and performance, drag is used as a means of searching for a unique understanding of the self." Christy A Doughtery - Drag Performance & Femininity

 If anybody knows me, they have learnt that I get a kick out of making people uncomfortable, it forces them to acknowledge and accept that things are not as “straight cut” as they have been led to believe things are. I want to use my art to remind people that it’s actually ok to allow “yourself” to live and explore what it means to be “you” in a world that’s thrived off of creating such a binary view on what is “authentic”. I hope to inspire others to slowly shed the constructs of society that hold them back from being authentically themselves. Freedom of the mind and body belongs to no one but you, no one can take that away from you!