I have been eager to write about the things I enjoy, technology, gadgets, and productivity apps, so here I am. I love teaching and presenting to technical and non-technical audiences, but I have never considered myself a good writer. Practice, practice, practice!

I stumbled upon the Buy me a coffee platform several months ago and thought it was quite useful and practical. I am amazed at how quickly the site is growing and with the breadth of features available. There is a lot of competition for venues in this space — for example, Medium, Gumroad, and Substack, to name just a few.

A few tools that I use for writing include Grammarly, which I can't live without, Notion, Notability, and Visual Studio Code for Markdown. I am currently evaluating Focused and Ulysses, which are both macOS applications.

For research, I use the UMGC Global Campus Library, Google Scholar, Wikipedia (support them!), LinkedIn, Twitter, and MyBib. I am a student at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC), halfway through a Master's degree focused on Cloud Computing Architecture. I absolutely love having access to a University library. Knowledge can be shared using multiple mediums. However, for an in-depth understanding, I think the written form is necessary, at least until Elon and Neuralink turn us into cyborgs 😃