Audio only test with Amazon Polly and Joanna (neural engine) voice.

I have been experimenting with Ghost for one of the projects I am working on with some friends. We are rebranding our podcast, XRSeaPod, and migrating from Squarespace to something else, most likely a self-hosted Ghost blog. btw The new podcast name is a secret 🕵️‍♀️

There are many great Ghost themes available in the official marketplace, and of course, many more to choose from other content sites. For future-proofing and flexibility, I am working with a theme that supports Membership and newsletter subscriptions. Ghost integrates with Mailgun to send bulk emails and newsletters. However, after a successful sign up with a test email account, the platform reports an error when attempting to mail my newsletter.

It's a weird problem, and it's late, so it's on the to-do list for the morning. Also, I spent several hours today having fun (sarcasm) with an Echo dot not recognizing Apple Music and an Apple HomePod mini that had to be reset to factory default and added back to the Home app. Somehow, after many years, smart home devices are not-always smart, and family sharing adds another layer of complexity, it seems.

Be seeing you!