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Still learning...

This morning I checked my notes from my first stream test, made some adjustments, and tried Twitch Studio Beta for macOS again. It was better. However, I have more notes from my test run today. If I can't share at a high enough resolution, I'll have to go to plan B or plan C!

There is a handy button labeled 'Re-Optimize Settings' in the Twitch Studio settings on the Stream tab. The application will run a few performance tests and check the quality of your Internet connection, and set all Stream options for you.

More updates soon!

So far, I have learned.

  • For an iMac with 5K resolution, reduce it to 1280x720 HIDPI.

  • Disable notifications

  • Set wallpaper to a light color

  • Hide the Dock

  • Safari Browser

    • Hide Status Bar

    • Hide Favorites Bar

  • Place the second display for monitoring Twitch closer to the main camera.

    • For now, I am using my iPad mini as a second display with Sidecar