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What is Setapp?

Setapp is a subscription service that gives you access to 200+ curated macOS applications and a handful of iOS apps. Membership is $9.99 per month, and you can save 10% by paying for a year upfront. If you are a student, please check the educational page for 50% off!

Setapp is a macOS application that serves as the front-end to 200+ applications, organized by category. If you see an application that you want to try, you install it directly from Setapp, and you're good to go. If you want to try 10, 20, or all of the applications, go ahead, it's the same $9.99/month. 😃

I have over 30 applications installed (so far) and a small number on my iPhone too. It is an extra $2.49 per month for each mobile device. When you install via Setapp, the apps include full app-specific membership until you discontinue your Setapp service.

So, why do I recommend Setapp?

The curated list of applications is excellent. I use many of the applications daily and would likely not have given them a try if it were not for the Setapp experience and reasonable subscription fee (especially if you're a student).

🎁 If you sign up using my link, we both will get one free month.

If you have any questions about Setapp or are looking for macOS recommendations, I would be glad to help.

Be seeing you!