Huge shout out to Junaid for giving me this Time Lapse from his phone that was circling us for the entire 1 hour live show today in San Diego. We had some many people jump in and chat with us during today's Learn Ecamm Show. The best part about Ecamm.... Literally is, the Community! Ken and Glen the Ecamm Founders, Katie, DocRock, Rob Balasabas, Junaid, Adrian Salisbury, Eden from Camo, Jillian Morrin, and others I can't even remember... Excitement Overload.

As mentioned before if your not following me and the HIAW account on Instagram your missing out... Steady stream of Selfies from San Diego:


Also tune into the Rebroadcast of the Live Show at our normal time 7pm CST. Which includes some Bonus Items. It'll start at our normal time and the link is below.

Share this with some friends, tag folks in the comments, and ask your questions - i'll be chatting with everyone there!