Let me start by saying Happy Thanksgiving and I love these stories...

Gary Jones has his PhD in Social Work and is a Higher-Ed Professor.... By Day. By Night and increasingly in the Evenings, DoctaJ is becoming a sought after Remote Producer. Why you Ask? Because in his search for a tool that will enable him to truly engage his students on Zoom during the Pandemic he found Ecamm Live, joined a number of Communities online, and as a proponent of Education he began consuming How-To videos to learn the best ways to accomplish his goal: Engaging his Students.

How many know that Engaging Students is the same as Engaging an Audience?

What he ended up doing is amassing skills that quickly started turning heads and landed him opportunities to Produce Shows for others. Gary is in our Master Mind Group, he is a faithful supporter of How it all Werks, and is a dear friend. He attends the same Church as my sister in Baltimore Maryland and when chatting with her a few months back she mentioned that Gary helped her produce a children's program. When she mentioned to him that he's really good, his response was: "...your Brother Taught me Well!"


Here's a Video on Gary's Channel where he shares some lessons from a New Remote Producer! I am super excited to have played even a small role in him taking this journey.

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