One of the attendees of our Ecamm Master Class AND long-time supporter of How it all Werks is Roger Wade. I spoke at a Conference this week where he was the main Producer and it was awesome to work with him. It was a hybrid event with both in-person and online attendees which meant serving both audiences with unique and creative content. Roger decided to setup an On-Location Production with-in the Production providing dedicated hosts and exclusive content for the viewers online. Here's a video clip of the setup:

Two Black Magic Pocket Cinema Cameras, Mac Mini running Ecamm Live, Atem Mini Pro for switching, Mixing Board to manage Audio, 3 Pod Mics for the Hosts and Guest, camera operator, multi-view and main video feeds from the producer for the main stage. Content was behind a pay wall using a Vimeo embed on the conference website.

Roger mentioned to me that he saw what we did for our Pastors farewell and improved on that concept as shown in the video clip above. Viewers online were happy to have a virtual guide for the Event making their experience that much more meaningful. I absolutely love seeing what all of you are doing with your new skills and how your are turning the world upside down making possible what was once thought to be impossible.

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