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I’ve been foilboarding for the last 10 years and have dedicated my time to promoting all the foil boarding sports by spreading stoke and information. 

I am a foil and board designer, rider, instructor and shop owner, nearly every waking hour is dedicated to my daughter, foiling, my shop and making videos.

If you have an opportunity to speak with me about foiling somewhere, please do, I love to talk about foiling and help riders on their way to enjoy the foil sports and become loyal to the foil.

I’ve set up this page as an easy, additional way for people who recognise my personal efforts and passion for my work and sport to be able to show their support.

Thank you so much, I hope to meet all you on a on the water somewhere, someday.

William bought 5 coffees.

Thanks for the info

@tangogeoff bought 3 coffees.

Thanks for so much great advice!

David Rimmer
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Gerhard Kessel
Gerhard Kessel bought 5 coffees.

Your Raw and straight to the point reviews, are excellent to increase your knowledge. Now I'm a bit torn between brands, but that's what learning does!

Marc Stoffel
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Always great and professional advice! 

Thank you Marc.  I really appreciate the great support 😃