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At kitty-blog, cats are our passion. We need our cats just as much as they need us. We know you feel the same and started this blog to help you give them the best of everything. We strive to be the only site you need to learn about the best products for your cats and your cats’ behaviors and health.

It is important to us that our resources and information are free so we need your help to continue and expand our services. We are ecstatic that so many readers visit our blog, but this means that the costs to host our site are increasing. Right now, hosting fees cost $200 a month. We have ads on our site to help, but these costs are still a concern for our future.

We have plenty of ideas for new resources and improvements:

  • More free books. For instance, we would love to write a book on how to understand the language of cats.
  • Better site graphics. We want to improve your experience with a graphic designer’s help.
  • A database of 2,500 cat names. While we are currently working on this tool to help you find the best name for future additions to your family, we really need to hire some help to make it as useful as possible.
  • Free service to speak with veterinarians. Many of you have probably seen the portion of our site where you can ask veterinarians questions, but you must pay to use this service. We want to have a form on our site where you can submit questions to veterinarians for free.

For all of these plans, we need funding to turn these ideas into reality.

If you love our site and want to ensure we can continue providing great content, please donate today!