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Daily Cup | Activate Happiness

Life Coach for Women, Online Coaching Instructor for Coaches


As a mentor and advocate for women, I focus on women who want more, who struggle, who work, and who are just trying to make it through the day.

I know life can be exhausting, overwhelming, and filled with anxiety, doubt, and fear, but it's also a beautiful journey that creates, heals, and embraces our world.

After years of working on my own understanding, being guided through my own inner healing, and leaning fully into my intuition, I now stand in my power so you can stand in yours.

The more you trust who you were born to be, how you show up each day, and what you can be in this world, the more the world becomes a kinder, loving, and accepting place to live. 

My hobbies include straightening the crowns of women--even if they've fallen off and been run over by a bulldozer, thrice--swearing enough to feel better inside, bringing new ways of thinking and change to the universe, interrupting harmful patterns that teach how to be intolerant of ourselves and others, advocating for a safer and more liberated world for women, loving all humans (yep, even the "bad" ones), and dreaming of the day I own a coffee shop where I also have an office and beautiful space for women to just be. 

The present is female, the present is where change happens, not in the future, in the now. I'm here to help you rediscover who you are, allow your children to become who they are, and create a ripple of change from your home to across the globe. 

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