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Greetings, wanderer!✨ On my page you can find a lot of digital content that I create all the time. I love drawing characters, creating designs and little stories for them, and I can do it all for you. 

On my page you'll see the processes of creating work, plans for future animations, YCH and more.

I love animals and prefer to draw anthro, but I can also draw in other styles, I like that as well. Most of my content is original, as I draw fanart rarely, but I can always do something on some fandom by subscriber request.


✅Commissions info✅

● You can view my price list and calculate the cost of your order here

● You can place your order on my website and send me the completed form in messages here on FA or YCH.

Payment info

● If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask me!



My plan is to create a series of videos where I will explain how to create your own avatar in Live2D, this will be available to Shining Star and Black Star roles. Also Black Star members will have the opportunity to work with me individually, I will be able to help them with their project and myself to fix possible problems that may arise.

The series of videos will cover all the stages: how to prepare art correctly, how to prepare a file for uploading to Live2D, how to create mesh, the basics of animation Live2D, what parameters are required for the model, export models, setting up in the program for vtubers.

But for now I can't say exactly when I can start making these videos as I have a lot of time to work on orders. When I can sort out the payment issues that have arisen, then I think I can also start making material for you.



I have my own characters and concepts of different worlds that I love very much. Right now I don't have a lot of time to even just make art with my main characters, let alone put all the information together.

You can see artwork of my main characters here: Adam and Luna

I need a little time to get my orders up and running and have a steady income to set aside time to work on my projects. They include an art book, several animations, and books. Some of them are done but not printed, some are only halfway done. But I wish I had more time for all these things, so I'm gathering subscribers so that your support will give me time for my projects.


You can buy me a coffee~

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