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FC Seoul - Yoof rookies

FC Seoul - Yoof rookies

Apr 13, 2022

Return of the Yoof series with this time an actual chance to look at players already getting some minutes and it’s the capital club up next with a manager who made the step up from University football last season and has stuck to a principle of promoting youngsters is a good sign for these boys.

#9 Kim Shin-jin CF (youth #9) played under FC Seoul manager Ahn Ik-su at Sun Moon university and led them to the U-league Championship in 2020 winning the best 1st year player at the tournament. This familiarity with the manager has seen him already get in the team starting as striker in the last two games including the super match. Also worth mentioning he played centre back against Jeju after all the corona cases. With Kim coming off the bench 3 times as well it is clear that he is part of the first team squad even at though it's his first year as a professional.

He seems to be a quite a mobile forward getting involved in linking the play in attack though is clearly a bit raw being caught offside a number of times, taking too many touches and mistiming his jumps in the 2 occasions I've seen him play live while not really looking like scoring either but the game time will surely help so one to watch.

Chances of playing: 100% already part of the matchday squad with Ji Dong-won and Park Dong-jin's return to fitness the main concern for his minutes, but should still see some time off the bench but I don't expect him to continue as a starter.

#99 Park Ho-min CF 190cm (youth #9) is a player who scored 19 goals in 14 matches in the U-League of University Football last year and is highly-touted. He is praised for his ability to provide and link - he seems a more target man and poacher than Kim Shin-jin as you could see when he got his goal in the ill-fated defeat against Jeju.

Chances of playing: 50-100% already played but should get some more minutes perhaps later in the season but is behind Kim Shin-jin at the minute but that may be manager preference and adapting to the style of the manager.

#40 Park Sung-hoon CB (youth #30) the captain of Osan High School and a central defender who led the team's defence , was given the chance to go straight to the pro. Park Sung-hoon, who has the strength of excellent positioning and ball skills with good passing in build up. He earned the chance to play at a higher level after this winter's preseason where he trained with professional athletes. He came on in the second half of the Jeju game playing as the right-sided centre back of a back three and did quite well.

Chances of Playing: 10-15% probably depending on Lee Han-beom's injury will be seen on the bench more but will find it hard to be more than a sub.


#42 Park Jang-ryul CM played alongside Lee Han-beom for a year in the Boin high school side. Has a good strike on him and seems quite technical.

Chances of playing: 5-15% Yet to be seen near the first team with a lot of players ahead of him but manager may continue to invest in the club's youth.

#25 An Ji-man CM, not to be confused with An Gi-hun also at Seoul, was a prominent player in Osan High School who played the role of captain who connected midfield, defence and attack. Ahn is left-footed and has been praised for his ability to read and coordinate the game even at a young age. In particular, he captained the Osan High School at the 102nd National Sports Festival, where they won its first national championship; resulting in the call up to the professional leagues.

Chances of playing: 5-15% About as much chance as Park above.

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