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June Freelance Opportunities

Jun 29, 2022

Happy summer!

Compiling this list takes me many, many hours every month. I know there's a lot of people out there looking for work, so I'm happy to do it! That said, your coffees and retweets are super helpful.

The freelance threads I published in June include about 200 opportunities for writers, journalists, copyeditors, graphic designers, videographers, photographers, social media experts, developers, and strategists: June 3, June 12, June 17, & June 24.

I'm slowly working my way toward doubling the Places to Pitch Trello board. When I raise $500, I'll release it for free to everyone! Thanks to your coffees, I'm 96% of the way there!!!

As always, many thanks to everyone who bought me a coffee!

Here's a few amazing resources I enjoyed in June:

Harlow's newsletter about surviving a recession + taking time off to grieve

Jasmine William's What Type of Freelancer Are You? Quiz

Budget Culture and the Dave Ramseyfication of Money by Dana Miranda

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