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September 2 Freelance Opportunities!

September 2 Freelance Opportunities!

Sep 02, 2022


Today's newsletter is coming out a tad late as I went out to see Jagged Little Pill last night. I'm also deeply enjoying Resident Alien and Soul Taken by Patricia Briggs (affiliate link).

I mine LinkedIn every week to find the best freelance opportunities. Today, I share how to make your LinkedIn bring in more freelance work in my most recent article for Contra.






  • Gradient Works needs a PR freelancer

  • Banzai needs a marketer to help with its affiliate program

  • Skylight needs a UK-based freelance digital marketer for paid social

  • Crowe PR needs media consultants




  • Dagger needs content strategists for about 10 hours of work per week



  • Mayo Clinic Press needs freelance book designers

  • Major League Soccer needs remote freelance UX designers

  • Cohesion needs a freelance senior designer

  • Home Brew needs a mid-senior graphic designer (looking for freelance and full-time)

  • The Kurtz Graphic Design Co needs freelance graphic designers

  • Central Market needs a freelance designer for social, email, print assets

  • Truehold needs a freelance brand designer for social and brand work

  • Digital Promise needs freelance designers

  • This person needs a freelance graphic designer for ecommerce brands (must have Shopify experience)

  • This person needs a graphic designer to rebrand and do pitch deck design

  • This person needs freelance design/Figma work for a prototype

  • ERA-co needs a freelance slide designer for one week of work

  • This person needs a digital graphic designer and brand designer

  • This person needs freelance designers in Austin, Kansas City, or Toronto

  • Lex needs a freelance product designer

  • LTKCon needs a part-time freelance copywriter

  • This person needs a freelancer for logo + brand strategy for a new beverage company

  • Affinity Answers Corporation needs freelance designers to work on data visualization, thought leadership, and e-book design

  • Studio BND needs junior freelance designers

  • Maison Birks (Canada) needs freelance jewelry retouchers









  • 1st Direction needs a remote mobile engineer

  • Liquid Sunshine needs a freelance community manager

  • Apple needs a freelance 3D modeler ASAP

  • This person needs a freelance 3D designer

  • VICE Media needs a freelance senior account manager or account director

  • Ro needs a part-time freelance project manager

  • Roza Creative needs a freelance audio engineer

  • WTOP News in D.C. needs a freelance audio producer

  • A small biz in Georgia needs a SEO/email marketer



  • Rescue needs freelance/full-time writers, designers, and art directors

  • Atrium Health needs an account manager and freelance graphic designers

  • Robert Half needs social media designers and front end dev freelancers

  • worktwenty needs freelance marketers, social media people, etc.

  • Your Instructional Designer needs learning designers and developers, as well as copywriters, social media people, etc.

  • Spiceworks Ziff Davis needs freelance graphic designers, writers, and social media experts

Jasper needs someone to run a community, someone to run creative, etc. It sounds like a lot of full-time roles, but they work with freelancers too.

And a quick note: I'm committed to providing this resource for free but it wouldn't be possible without all of your support! As always, THANK YOU to all my supporters! And a warm welcome to my new members Betsy and Leslie!

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