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Imposter Syndrome

Jan 18, 2021

Our Monday Mindset call was awesome as we tackled imposter syndrome and set ourselves up for success for the week.

Key takeaways:

  1. You are not alone in the feeling of imposter syndrome. That was something that many people said right off the bat. They were happy to have joined the call so they could see they were not alone. Sometimes we can feel alone in our fears and anxieties but knowing we are not the only one who feels this way can really help us get over the self-doubt.

  2. Anxiety is the fear of the unknown and the future. One way to combat anxiety is to think about what is the worst that could happen. Face it straight on then form a plan around that worst-case scenario. Are you afraid you will lose a client? Explore the WHY you think you will lose them and the WHAT IF you do lose them. Then what? Typically it is not a big of a deal as we make it out to be. Also, the WHY often can be combated with education and support. (See #3)

  3. Combat imposter syndrome with education and ongoing self-improvement. I hear a lot of people mention on the call they were feeling imposter syndrome or lack of confidence around Messenger bot compliance or some other unknown thing. The key is to recognize the reason you feel this way then go learn how to improve yourself in that thing. If Messenger Marketing compliance is the thing of creating self-doubt in you, schedule time each week to learn more about Messenger Marketing compliance. Find your weaknesses and make yourself stronger with practice. Remember the champions of the world did not become champions overnight. Everyone needs the practice to get better.

  4. Time management came up a lot. It is easy to be distracted by all the shiny objects out there. You start one task and an hour later you have gone down a rabbit hole of other tasks because you got distracted along the way. Organizing your time and task list will help you better tackle your work and be far more efficient in actually completing tasks. Use your calendar to organize your main tasks for the week. Block off time for dedicated focused work, self-improvement, self-care, and the things that will make you successful. to be successful you need to set yourself up for success. Don't start your day without a plan of attack.

  5. Balance does not exist so get that out of your head. It is the quality of time you spend on a given person or thing that really matters. So when it is time to work, work. When it is time to be with your kids, be with your kids. Give yourself wholly to the task at hand and you will be less guilty about when you need to step away to focus on something else. Sometimes your family comes first, sometimes your work, sometimes yourself. The balance is not that it all needs to be an even playing field. The balance is in knowing it never will be balanced but it is really all just a teeter-totter of things that need quality time at given times in your day or week.

It really was a great call and so I want to thank everyone who attended. If you missed it you can watch the replay by joining the Baby Got Mentorship program which you can learn more about at https://stellar247.thinkific.com/courses/baby-got-mentorship

Or join us next time I decide to do a call and open it to non-members. Either way make efforts to set yourself up for success every day and every week!

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