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My name is Kristen Panthagani and I run the science education website You Can Know Things. Since launching, I've had several people ask how to financially support the site. To meet that need I've created this account on Buy Me a Coffee.

How this works

There are two ways to support You Can Know Things on this site:

1. One time donation (a.k.a "Buying me a coffee"). Make a one-time donation, whatever amount you'd like. Click on the "support" tab on the right to do just that, then select how many "coffees" you'd like to buy (each coffee is really just a $5 donation).

2. Become a partner. Chip in $5/month and become a YCKT Partner! To select this option, click "Membership." As a thank you, I'll be sharing sneak peeks of upcoming projects with you (like the book I'm writing!)

Where does this money go?

Buy Me a Coffee takes a small fee, and the rest goes to supporting You Can Know Things. For now, that primarily means offsetting the costs associated with running a website including domain and web hosting fees, etc. 

Eventually, I'd love to be able to pay people to help me run this site, so I can spend more time doing my favorite task: writing. Right now I wear all the hats: I'm not just the writer, but the web developer, IT support, graphic designer, social media manager, and probably some other things I can't remember right now. Additional funds would enable me to outsource some of these tasks so I can focus on creating more content.

Thank you so much for your time and support! Encouragement from people like you is what keeps me going 😊.