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Sophie Duvillard, Boutique et Atelier Rose Garance
Sophie Duvillard, Boutique et Atelier Rose Garance bought 3 coffees.

Hi Lisa! Thanks for your enthusiasm in everything you do and for for all the interesting informations on Knowitall! Cheers, Sophie.

Wow, thanks Sophie! As a creator yourself, you know how great it is to get feedback for what we do. Cheers, Lisa

Barbara Traulsen
Barbara Traulsen bought 5 coffees.

Love to read your weekly newsletter and have so often found some interesting things to do or follow! Thank you so much for your continuous commitment 👏👏👏

Dear Barbara, thanks for the abundance of coffees! Much appreciated. I won't drink them all at once. Cheers, Lisa

Someone bought a coffee.

Thanks for your updates; I love getting them!

Thanks for the coffee and support!

Romy bought a coffee.
Kay bought a coffee.

You deserve a croissant to go with that coffee! Thanks for putting a little black in my otherwise empty inbox these days! Best, Kay

Thanks so much, Kay! Much appreciated to keep us going.