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Gymboree bought 2 coffees.

Virtual coffee together, though I think I would prefer a beer! Cheers.

Thanks Gymboree! Yes, I’ll take you up on the beer this summer when we are out of lockdown! Thanks for the coffees meanwhile.

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Lovely visit of Know It All Marketplace, thank you Lisa for the tour and information. Great to speak to you in person 😊

Thanks Marie-Josée! So lovely to meet up with you in person. Thanks SO much for your support and the coffees! Can’t wait till we can meet up over a real coffee. Cheers. 

Pamela bought 5 coffees.

Thank you and stay safe

Dear Pamela, thanks for these coffees! Stay safe too. Cheers, Lisa

Keith bought 5 coffees.

Always something useful, take care

Hello Keith, that is so sweet of you to say and offer these coffees! Much appreciated!

Melissa gojanovic
Melissa gojanovic bought 5 coffees.

Keep up the good work in keeping us all informed and up to date 😊

With this many coffees, we will be sure to keep up the information! Thanks a million, Melissa. Much appreciated!