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Personal Concierge Service

Dr Lampignano will personally work with you and facilitate getting all of your medical records, keep them up to date, and provide you with a simple way to understand them.

Imagine seeing not just test results but doctor's notes, lab write-ups, and a more holistic view of your own health, and having a clear way to share that data between your doctors so that you don't have to remember everything you were told you during the last visit a month ago. If your medical history is even remotely complicated, this is going to be the way to detangle it, and really get an understanding of what's going on.

Dr. Daniel Lampignano

Dr. Daniel Lampignano is a board certified psychiatrist and practicing physician. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Colorado and a masters degree at Dartmouth College, studying biostatistics and systems design with an eye towards effecting real-time quality improvement in health care delivery systems. Dr. Lampignano has served on numerous hospital and health care system-wide improvement initiatives addressing topics as diverse as antibiotic stewardship to cost-effective interventions for acute agitation in psychotic patients.

Known Point Technologies

Known Point Technologies was founded on the simple idea that medical information systems should make it easy to receive optimal medical care. Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) have become the standard in healthcare delivery across the country. Despite this important advancement, delays in effective care still occur.

The reasons are many. EMRs serve not only patient care needs but also billing operations and liability protection. Many patients also have more than one medical chart because they have received medical care from more than one healthcare system. The result is medical information that is often both unnecessary and incomplete, in turn leading to hours of wasted time, longer hospital stays and higher complication rates.

We at Known Point Technologies believe there is a better way. By combining real world experience in patient care and innovative digital technologies, we help EMRs work as they should, with instantly accessible, easily understandable, and highly valuable information in every medical encounter.

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