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Know The Story. It's our rallying cry.

The Bible is often misunderstood. Seen as a reference book, a manual, or a life-encyclopedia, many people cherry-pick The Bible for nice verses and words of fleeting comfort, or outright use The Bible for their own ends. But The Bible does not exist to be used however we see fit, nor can it be crammed into the boxes we design for it.

At it's simplest, The Bible is a story about God, creation, and humanity, about how we got to where we are, and how we move forward by joining God in His plans and purposes. That's why we call The Bible The Story.

But just like any form of literature, we must be careful how we read The Story. If we were the target audience, we would have little effort to put in up-front. But unfortunately, we are thousands of years removed and from a completely different culture. We need to experience The Story from the perspective of the Ancient Near East from which it came. We need to understand their views and beliefs, their hopes and fears. If we do, we will see The Story unfold, and we will be changed.


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