Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse in May ...

Super Blood Moon & Lunar Eclipse in May 2021

May 28, 2021

Hello pile A! During this super full moon, angels and spirits want you to relax and have fun as much as possible! Understand that there might be too many past experiences are flooding in during this period, making you want to put your guards up just because you don't want to get hurt again.

These feelings have made your life out of balance, please take this opportunity to release what have been holding you back, believe in yourself and be confident. In terms of interpersonal relationships (at work or friends, family), some of these communications might be a bit out of balance due to your avoidance attitude. This might involve an older / mature / passionate / aggressive man (or a woman with more masculine characteristics) / boss in your social / work circle. To solve this issue, please try to maintain a relaxed and playful attitude, this will definitely help you to get through this seemingly very unstable full moon period.

In terms of romance, as I have mentioned above, make sure you know that you deserve love! Just like the message on the oracle card which says "Have fun, Celebrate, Don't be so serious"!

選了A組的朋友,在這段超級滿月的時期,宇宙希望你能夠對生活的人事物都放輕鬆。太多以往的經歷都在這段時間一一湧上,令你想要迴避、放不下、又或者害怕再次受傷而對外築起一道牆來保護自己。這些感受都使你的生活失去了平衡,現在是回顧及重新相信自己的時候。 請你相信自己是值得被愛護的!要對自己有信心!人際關係方面,可能因為你的迴避態度,導致某些關係有些失衡,當中可能涉及到一位年長/成熟/熱情/的男士(或男性特質比較重的女士)/上司在物質或實際生活或工作上的交流。請好好重新整頓自己,保持放鬆玩樂的心態,這樣就可以幫助你渡過這個好像非常不穩定的滿月周期。當你找回你的平衡點,你就會發現豐盛的生活一直都在包圍著你。 在感情方面,也跟前部分提到的一樣,相信自己是值得被愛護的,要對自己有信心!就如神喻咭的那一句 "Have fun, Celebrate, Don't be so serious" ! 


Hello pile B! The message brought out by this super full moon is to remind you that a new journey is about to begin. "Where are you being called to journey to?" Do you feel a little unsettled about your current life? It feels like you want to do something, but you don't seem to know what is that something you wanted to do? (Yes! It's so contradictory!)

I understand that there will be tremendous fear coming from your emotions and a lot of struggles from your rational thinking if anyone asks you to dive in a totally new job which is not really from your familiar industry, a new project or to start a new way of living. However the Universe wants you to know that, it is the time to implement that new idea, which has been lingering in your mind for some time already. In fact, your life has always been good, even though you don’t think that way, take this opportunity to break through your own limitations and start your new journey, you will be satisfied with the abundance coming!

Romantically, you are very attractive and magnetic! If there is someone you like, he/she is totally attracted to your unique charm! Do communicate more with him/her, get to know each other better and enjoy the sweet taste of love!

選了B組的朋友,這個超級滿月帶出的訊息,是要提醒你,一個新的旅程將要展開。 "Where are you being called to journey to?" 你是否感覺到對於你現在的生活有些悶悶不樂? 好像想要做一些什麼,但是又好像不知道要做什麼? (對!就是這麼矛盾忐忑不安!) 然而要你一下子豁出去,開始一個全新的工種,或新的生活模式,情緒上你們會感到恐懼,而思想上會非常掙扎。可是宇宙希望你知道,現在就是時候去實行在你心中一直徘徊的那個新構思。可能你們不以為然,其實你的生活一直都是美好的,絕對是比上不足比下有餘的一群!如果你可以衝破自己的限制,去展開你的新計劃,你將迎接更多的滿足! 感情方面,這一組的你是非常吸引人的一群!如果你有喜歡/曖昧的對象,他/她都是被你的獨特魅力吸引過去!跟他/她多多溝通,了解對方多一些,好好享受戀愛的味道吧!


Hello pile C, this super full moon wants you to let go of your control issue. Messages from the Oracle cards are, "Do something to change your energy" and "What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?"

Perhaps you are affected by some unexpected events or a strong feeling of dissatisfaction, causing you to want to stay in control especially on the material aspect (it could be your job opportunity, your power over something or your financial status). This pile caries some very strong emotions, such as disappointment, secretive, withdrawal, manipulation, gossip, stubbornness, and deception. The Universe wants you to engage with some other activities so as to improve your energy.

Knowing when we encounter some difficulties, our first reaction is usually to grab onto something that makes us feel safe right at the moment. Just like when you learn to swim, you will want to grab a floating board because you don’t want to sink, but how could you learn it if you keep holding onto that floating board?

It is unfortunate that your romance is pretty much similar to the above mentioned. Someone wears a mask because he/she does not want to express their true self, and by doing so, he/she wants to present a "perfect" self, hoping to control the other person's love for themselves. Learn to let go and let the relationship develops naturally, a comfortable and sincere relationship needs truthful partners to build together.

選了C組的朋友,這個超級滿月要提醒你注意一下你的控制慾,學習放手。 "Do something to change your energy" 及 "What is the niggling feeling trying to tell you?" 可能你被一些突發的事件,或者不滿的情緒影響,導致你想用力抓著一些物質上的事情(可能是工作機會,或者權力,又或者是經濟上的操控),從而希望使自己感覺上安心一點。這副牌咭顯示出比較強烈的情緒,例如是失望、秘密、抽離、操控、流言蜚語、固執、欺騙。所以宇宙希望你在這段時間裡,能夠做一些別的事情來轉移及提升自己的能量。的確,當我們遇到一些困難的時候,第一個心理反應通常都會是抓住一些讓自己安全的東西,就如同學游泳的時候,你會想抓著浮水板一樣,因為你不想要沉進水裡去。但是如果你一直抓著浮水板不放,又怎麼可以能夠學懂游泳呢? 感情方面也是跟前面提到的一樣。在這個關係當中,有人帶著面具,沒有表達出真實的自己,就是想以一個特定的面貌呈現在對方面前,從中希望可以控制對方對自己的愛。而然,這個是你還是對方?我想你們內心會有答案。學習放開,讓關係自然的發展,這樣才是最舒服真誠的關係。

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