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It's been a hard two years with lots of changes! I've missed you dearly and I want to reconnect and catch up! Wanna grab a coffee?

Join me here so I can show you some of the work I made in two years of pandemic isolation. I will post every day for the next year while I'm in school for Event and Venue Management. Buying Me a Coffee gives you access to my photos, while Buying Me A Latte gives you access you all photos AND video!

Buy My a Cappuccino and schedule some time with me to talk about whatever you want! Get insight on your act or performance, get advice on how to create, or just ask me a few questions on whatever!

Anything you give will help me make expenses while I'm in school and allow me to keep pursuing my art. You can support monthly, or as a on-off. I appreciate any way you wish to catch up!

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I can't wait to catch up! xoxo