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At Kokoro Media, we are an editorial team made of long-term foreign residents in Japan and Japanese nationals. We aim to show the world the different facets of the country that we have captured from people, objects, and other aspects of Japan.

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Oliver Dunskus
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your website is very enriching. Very often, articles about Japan are stereotype, but you dig out the interesting things below the surface.

Dear Oliver, thank you so much for your support. I am very glad you appreciate the contents of our website and I hope you will keep making interesting discoveries on Kokoro. Your tip will help us do that!

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Appreciate your heartful article on this so much!

Thank you so much!

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Hi My name is Mikael and I live in Sweden. You articles are very interesting. Thanks

Dear Mikael, thank you very much for supporting us from Sweden, it means a lot to us! Thanks also for your comment on our website. We are glad you find our articles of interest and will do our best to continue providing articles you'll like!

Johan Q.
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I love Kokoro! Keep it up. :)

Dear Johan, thanks for the love! Your support will help us keep the website quality!