As it is now, the day we all call Christmas is nothing but just another day. We all are now living in this new world created by an invisible pandemic. It seems like we are just heading into a world filled with chaos. I fear for my sons and daughter will not be able to enjoy life. I want them to be able to go outside and hang out with others their age. Sadly, I can not even get people my age to go out and do the same.

This pandemic has seemed to turn into a plandemic slowly changing into an endemic. Created by the wealthy, as a way to control the masses. We are here and now careening down a slippery slope thanks to the likeness of a soulless man known as Brandon. If for whatever reason we get past this evil man that does not want anything but to take out the people that follow him. Most of them do not even realize what he has done in the past that has damaged so many lives. If we ever get the chance to go back to anything close to what most of us thought was normal I will be surprised.

With all of that being said I will leave you with this one phrase that may be a thing of the past very soon. "Let's go Brandon"

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with much appreciation, Koolfrogg