HandymumLin will be uploading the pattern of handicrafts featured in the video from now on this platform!

For followers, the pattern will be emailed ONCE to everyone one day after the video was released, please have patience. This is only available for the video that was released right after you became the follower, the pattern in the previous video will not be emailed again.

However, you may join and support me as a supporter by buying me a coffee/pizza and HandymumLin will be able to email you the pattern that you like!

It would be great if you let Handymum Lin know in the comment section once you received the pattern. Thanks.


1. Patterns are only available for the post in here starting August 2021, the previous pattern in the older video is no longer available, sorry.)

2. If you didn't receive the pattern, kindly check your email spam box, or check again whether the email you provided when becoming a supporter is the right one. If still couldn't receive, kindly provide another email address to Handymum Lin.

Handymum Lin always wants the best for all supporters and followers.

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