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KovirPage LLC is our social enterprise practicing professional and organizational development in the aging sector throughout the country.  KovirTech LLC is our DBA providing technical support and tech supplies to our clients and immediate community.

With aging services across the country, we training sites to strategically build their digital skill sets and toolkits. Engaging the wider range of older people will increase overall impact, debunk digital ageism, and develop sustainability for service providers.  Please buy us a coffee or beer to get a peek into our recent projects.

We will also continue our work in helping reopen senior centers.

WizeCove™ is a professional development network for senior center personnel. We offer one webinar a week, three articles a week, two podcasts a month, and two or three workshops a month (one always on reopening safely). 

AgeFlux™ is a virtual senior community solution that empowers your organization's fluidity during Covid closures, inclement weather closures, renovations, seasonal travel, and more.  

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