I did this VOTE! textile 'shag' in Germantown/Philadelphia recently on the fence nearby another one I did back in July that says BREATHE JUSTICE. Thanks to

peeps as Paula Paul, Ken Weinstein, Kathleen Kilkenny, Gerry Tremblay,

Peggy and Otto Hecksher, Nancy Kirby, Cindy Chamberlain,

Diane Goldstein Horowitz and Mickey & Chip Herr who have supported and encouraged my ongoing art-for-all & social/peace/kindness actions in many forms. Truly truly. This patron-help makes a difference for me as a textile/visual/community artist. Please consider becoming a patron/supporter! (This is how it worked in the 'ole days, right?) We'll all keep on, keeping on, no matter!

Hope you enjoy your weekend best you can & here's hoping for some political relief soon.