I just started an account here with Buy Me a Coffee, and first of all, I just want to say it's a marvelous idea! So many new and old creators out there that are clueless about the sincere appreciation from their readers.

Now people can show their support for the little guys. The ones just trying to help others with their words. Or the artists creating beauty in peoples' lives never expecting anything in return. So a sincere Thank-You to Buy Me a Coffee!

As for me, I'm constantly researching and testing out new woodworking techniques, furniture painting methods, and products, so that my readers find everything they need for their Wood Furniture project right there on my site.

I completely relish receiving emails daily from readers needing help with a wood type, or technique they're trying out. Honestly, these couldn't make me happier!

Right now, I'm working on an incredibly in-depth Ebook on Furniture Wood Type Identification to help the many readers that are having trouble with this topic! (Believe it or not, it's a lot!)

Next, I'll be working on my own course teaching Furniture Restoration from start to finish. 

I'm extremely excited about both of these endeavors. If you are too, you can now buy me a coffee!

Any donations I receive are greatly appreciated, and will go towards creating even more informative content, Ebooks, courses, and of course, can't forget the furniture! 

I'll be using Buy Me A Coffee to keep my supporters updated on the many exciting projects I'm working on with help from you all! So please stay tuned, and

                 Thank You!!!!!