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Hey fam! I've been creating content on Instagram since March and it's absolutely heartening to see some of y'all like it- We're now an audience of around 7.4-7.5k with posts ranging from generic to very niche content.
While your words of encouragement and feedback motivate me to keep making new stuff, if any of you would like to contribute in buying me a coffee, I'd be grateful. I can't promise anything in return except stupid tp memes.
Thank you :)

Irshad P I
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Hey man, just went through your page and loved the content, I'm not a native Hindi speaker, but still all of them made me chuckle xD

Ria Ramesh
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Hey! Absolutely love your content especially being the one staying in Wanowrie for a long time. They are extremely relatable and funny af.I hope you grow more and achieve all the success. All the best

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Great stuff! Keep it up! 

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Love u