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"Why is there suffering?"

Apr 11, 2022

Pain and suffering has become so common in the world. Everyday, our newspapers and internet feeds are cluttered with suffering. From natural disasters, terminal illnesses, to injustice. We often become numb to the evil in the world, accepting that it's part of our lives, or we find ourselves thinking... "This isn't right, this isn't the way life should be."

When I was first saved this, was a huge topic that, I kept searching for answers on. If there is a God then why do so many people suffer?


Suffering isn't from God or of God. God is good. God is love. Suffering is a result of human sin against our Creator. Suffering was never a part of God's perfect plan for humanity. It is a result of the fall (Genesis Chapters 1-3).

We are living in a fallen, broken world. Even when we may not realize it, often times, we suffer as a result of our own wrong/sinful choices. Other times, there may not be a specific reason, except that we are living in a fallen world. Knowing this should make us long for a world without sin, and look forward to a better world. This is the world we are promised in the bible, a world that Jesus will return to build.


In Genesis 4, we learn the story of Cain & Abel. We read how Cain murders his brother Abel out of jealousy, even though he was warned by God not too. What does that teach us? That God created humanity to have their own free will. God lets us live our lives by inevitably making our own choices. He may warn us or try to guide us, but at the end of the day, we make our own decisions. God wants for us to have peaceful lives but our own choices are the cause of much of our suffering.


Suffering will test our faith more than anything else in this life. How we respond to pain & suffering will show if our faith is loyal or just "luke warm". Over time, the most faithful will figure out the best way to fight during times of pain. Once we can figure that out, we can see that God can use our suffering for purpose. While suffering in of its self can never be a good thing (its only evil), it can result in us growing in our faith. In times of suffering, that is when we come face to face with our true selves. It is the best time to learn & figure out what areas in our lives, we need to work on. The most important advice that I can give (because we can never fully understand WHY we are facing suffering each and every time) ... is to NEVER let suffering, make you become so cold & bitter, that you walk away from God. Never let evil in any form, push you away from TRUTH.

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